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Three Reasons Why People Learn To Meditate

Or you can cut to the chase and learn how to meditate in the section below

Learn to meditate for self-development

Self Development

The ability to successfully regain control of ones thoughts so that you can control your life from within is one of the most common reasons people learn to meditate. Who are you really? Who are you trying to be?

learn to meditation and control job stress

Controlling Stress

When stress starts to build up in your life to a point that you can no longer manage it, it will find a way to manage you. Stress loves to be in the driver’s seat so if you are tired of handing over the keys without fail…

Couple sleeping soundly after meditation

Improve Sleep

If there’s one thing that creates a vicious cycle in life, it’s insomnia. The sleep and stress connection is brutal because if you don’t get enough sleep, you get stressed the next day – and if you’re stressed, you can’t sleep.

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The Process Of Learning Vedic Meditation

The Process Of Learning Vedic Meditation

Introduction to Vedic Meditation

The first step to learning how to meditate is to attend an “Introduction” session“. The Introduction session covers things like; how this technique differs from other forms of meditation and the benefits one is likely to experience as a result of regular meditation.

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Personal Instruction in Vedic Meditation

Personal Instruction

The second step in learning how to meditate is to receive “Personal Instruction“. This is a one-on-one session with a qualified Vedic Meditation teacher and is the first of four consecutive days of learning how to meditate.

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Putting it all into Practice

Putting it all into Practice

Learning how to meditate is the easy part, it really is. The hard part is “putting it into practice” – why do you think its said that one “Practices Meditation”. However that being said, what can be hard about meditating twice a day every day, right?!

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Meditation Checking and refreshing

Meditation Checking and refreshing

The more you meditate the more the experience of your meditation becomes more refined. Those new to meditation often mistake this refinement as something that they are not doing it correctly. Therefore we can “check” their meditation technique.

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What Clients Say About Their Exerience Of Vedic Meditation

I learnt to meditate in the 90’s and have found the ability to go into a meditative state the most soothing and clarifying experience I can have. To be able to relax in such a calm state whenever I choose, to in effect, empty my mind, is a tremendous gift I can give myself, especially during times when there are just too many things going on in life.
Christina Applegate – San Francisco, USA

What Others Are Saying

Meditation has enhanced my life holistically with vitality, balance, and peace. It provides me with more energy and helps my body to recover faster after training. It has increased my clarity of thinking and alertness and helps me to study for longer.

Nikki Turner
Hamilton, New Zealand

Vedic Meditation is an essential ingredient in my daily life and sporting achievements.

Vedic Meditation assists me to focus in training, preparation and competition as well as deal with daily life. I am amazed at my continual development in all aspects of life and the clarity I achieve through meditation.”

Nicol Wilson
Auckland, New Zealand

I have found tremendous joy after the daily sessions of meditation. I find that I am much happier and that things just seem to flow once again.

Janice C
Beijing, China

I initially started Vedic Meditation to help me with my studies. As a returning university student taking on a new challenge it was important that I had every advantage I could.

But now, not only has Vedic Meditation helped me with my concentration levels and ability to focus for extended periods. It has become an integral part of my personal life too.

I find I have better relationships with my friends and family. I’m more settled and at ease with myself, and more relaxed in times of high stress.”

James R
Auckland, New Zealand

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