Spiritual Paths and Their Meditation Techniques

By William Bodri
Paperback – November 13, 2010

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Spiritual Paths and Their Meditation Techniques The different spiritual schools and religions of the world promote a variety of final objectives in their teachings.

These final objectives can be as diverse as training you to achieve worldly predominance, an immortal physical body, a heavenly rebirth, more perfect and compassionate human behavior, samadhi attainments, a “reunion with God” or what’s called “perfect and complete spiritual enlightenment.”

There are many possible different final objectives for spiritual practitioners.

Most religions in the world also have their own special spiritual cultivation techniques.

To make spiritual progress, you should know about these spiritual practices and meditation techniques as well as how to practice them correctly.

If you truly expect any progress on the road of spirituality it is essential that you engage in some form of meditation practice rather than depend on ceremonies, rituals and religious rules of discipline for achievement.

However, you must be able to differentiate between all the various meditation practices you might choose from as to their effectiveness, you must know what to expect from their successful application, and you must know how to practice them according to commonly recognized, non-denominational principles.

Basically, you need to know how to practice spiritual techniques correctly and must do so.

This book will deeply delve into these matters and also examine the common errors that have typically developed in spiritual traditions over time.

With a review of both Eastern and Western traditions along with their most powerful cultivation techniques, you will become equipped to avoid the same mistakes in your own spiritual practice and become able to resist through wisdom the most common falsities that tend to creep into these paths as they mature.

The ultimate objective of this book is to enable you to engage in spiritual practice correctly and ultimately achieve some genuine stage of high spiritual attainment.

This book is available now at Amazon.com: Spiritual Paths and Their Meditation Techniques