The Expansion Of Consciousness Experienced By Meditators

In this article, I briefly explain the “Expansion of Consciousness” as experienced by those who practice Vedic Meditation.

The Expansion Of Consciousness Experienced By Meditators

During Vedic Meditation, we are enabling the body to experience more restfulness while still maintaining a little mental activity; therefore the body begins to learn to balance its activation and recuperation responses better.

As a result, all our activities become progressively easier to do and can be performed with greater clearness and awareness.

The expansion of awareness, or expansion of consciousness, which many people report comes during the day after regular Vedic Meditation, is to be distinguished clearly from any temporary acceleration of awareness which may come from chemical stimulation such as tea, coffee or some more potent drug.

Expansion of awareness comes as the physical system becomes capable of maintaining awareness more and more clearly for more and more of the time. Full awareness comes when maximum clearness of awareness can be maintained by the body all of the time.

These are the two significant results of the practice of Vedic Meditation – the gentle release of physical and mental stress, and the increasing ability of the body to balance its activation and relaxation responses to the situations of life. This balance leads to the regular mediator beginning to behave with more poise and less panic.

Vedic Meditation allows the mind to experience simpler states of thought. This enables the body to become more restful, while at the same time mental alertness is maintained. Click the following link for more on the Simpler States of Thought

Learn How To Meditate, Feel Great And Cope With Stress

People from all walks of life learn to meditate, for all sorts of reasons. And, as different the people and the reason, so are the range of benefits.

The range and magnitude of benefits a person gains through meditation never ceases to amaze me. But at the same time, it is what I enjoy the most – teaching someone to meditate and witnessing the gentle transformation over the ten-week duration of the course and in many cases the years that follow.

That being said, it can sometimes take between 6 and 9 months for the full benefits of mediation to become permanent in one’s life. For most people, however, there are lots of little things right from the very first day they learn to meditate that are without a doubt the direct result of them learning meditation.

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