Vedic Meditation Helps Insomniacs Sleep

Vedic Meditation as a Therapy for Sleep Disorders

The regular practice of Vedic Meditation, 20 minutes in the morning and early evening, significantly reduces the time taken for insomniacs to fall asleep.

I find that I am teaching more and more people these days who do not realise that they have a sleep disorder.

They have become so caught up in life that late nights and broken sleep have become the norm – many simply and mistakenly putting it down to getting old. Its just what happens with age.

And because their parents and peers seem to experience the same sleep patterns they think it is normal and acceptable.

Once the cycle of broken sleep begins its hard to stop.

The late nights and broken and / or disrupted sleep can leave a person feeling tired the next day. And because you are tired you can make poor life choices – what to eat, drink, wear, exercise. For example; when a person is tired it is often hard to tell whether or not they are hungry, let alone what or how much to eat. Therefore, they don’t eat properly, which in its self is a stress to the nervous system. They will not eat when they are hungry and eat when they are not hungry. And when they do eat they often choose food with the least preparation on their part.

Once you stop eating fresh healthy food your energy levels drop. And because you are tired and your energy levels are low one starts to take short cuts – trying to do as little as possible but as much as necessary to keep the boss, spouse etc happy. However, eventually it all catches up and the pressure begins to mount – and the ability to sleep gets harder, we wake up tired, get up later, skip breakfast because there is no time, rush to work, can’t focus or concentrate for long enough, start to rely on artificial stimulants – coffee, chocolate, sweets etc – we then start to make poor work choices – quick fixes to get rid of the problem, fixes that will probably come back with a bigger bite tomorrow. Sound familiar?

However, it does not need to be this way

Do you remember that last time that you had a good nights sleep. A night when you fell asleep reasonably quickly, sleep through the night and awoke the next morning feeling fresh, energetic and ALIVE?

The regular practice of the Vedic Meditation technique relieves deep-rooted stress from the nervous system on a direct physiological level, which means that it produces a wide range of benefits. One of these benefits is deep sleep. A quality of sleep that means that when we wake the following morning, we wake and not feel like we need to roll over and sleep for an other hour or three.

Most people comment within the first few days of learning to meditate that they are sleeping deeper, longer and waking a little earlier. Which is a great start to the day and means its not rushed. There is time for a good healthy breakfast. The mind is clear and energy levels gradually begin to rise. Life just keeps getting better. It should not be an amazing experience to get a good nights sleep, its our birthright!

Notice that I have repeated the phrase “The regular practice Vedic Meditation”. It is the repeated and regular practice that reduces stress in our nervous systems. As the stress is reduced we naturally gain more energy, clarity of mind, motivation and begin to sleep more deeply thereby waking from sleep felling refreshed.

Vedic Meditation is not some form of mind-control nor can it be called a mental discipline. It’s not concentration, a contemplation, a philosophy or even a way of life. It is a technique that is easy to learn and enjoyable to practice, and requires no special skills – anyone can do it successfully.

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